Keep Your Car in Pristine Condition

Arrange for a paint protection film (PPF) installation in Bismarck, ND

Want to protect your car against scratches and dings for the long term? Call on Destin2Shine of North Dakota for PPF installation services in Bismarck, ND. With paint protection film installed, you'll be able to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. You'll also be boosting the value of your car and making cleaning it easier. You'll love the way your vehicle looks once we're done.

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Just got the keys to your new car?

Protect it with paint protection film to minimize rock chips and inclement weather

We'll help you choose the right film for your vehicle. Our paint protection film options include:

  • Clear gloss - will last for up to 10 years and make your car look shiny and new
  • Clear matte - will last for up to five years and hide imperfections on your vehicle
  • Noir glass black - will last for up to five years and is non-reflective

What are the top 10 Benefits and Reasons to get PPF?

1. Reduces the Need for routine Washing & Waxing

A fresh new paint job enhances your car's aesthetic appeal, yet maintaining this appearance over time requires frequent washing and waxing. PPFs are physically engineered to actually repel dust, dirt, and grime, minimizing the need for extensive routine cleaning. Even if dirt adheres to the film, it can be effortlessly wiped away, streamlining car maintenance while ensuring superior results. Applying a ceramic coating to the PPF further simplifies vehicle cleanliness by offering optimal protection against environmental elements like tree sap and debris, enhancing overall safeguarding.

2. Provides a Cost-Effective Solution

Adding paint protective films to your car is a wise investment in the long run for keeping your cars value. Repainting or fixing paint damage can be quite expensive at normal body shops, not to mention, the hassle of being without your vehicle for multiple days. This makes taking preventive measures imperative. Once the film is applied, the need for repainting diminishes significantly. Despite the initial expense, it's a more economical choice compared to frequent repainting, especially for issues like door scratches.

3. PPF Guards Against Fading

Long-term Sunlight exposure, rain, snow, sleet (Many of ND's most common Elements!) can lead to paint fading and an unsightly dullness on your vehicle. PPF coverage protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays, prevents paint fading and maintains your car's vibrant appearance. Additionally, protective films shield the paint from dings, scratches, and chips, which, although seemingly cosmetic, can compromise the integrity of the car's structures and contribute to rust formation.

4. Offers Discreet Protection

In the past, colored auto bras were trendy, especially on race cars. These days, they've gone out of style as they don't complement the appearance of most modern luxury vehicles. On the other hand, transparent films offer nearly invisible protection when applied correctly. They blend seamlessly with the car's paint, and remain undetectable to the casual observer, especially when professionally installed.

5. Preserves Vehicle's Resale Value

Maintaining your vehicle's pristine condition is crucial for preserving its resale value when it's time to sell. Applying PPF ensures the paint remains flawless, attracting potential buyers with its impeccable appearance. Protecting your car from damage in public areas further enhances its appeal, while seeking professional assistance for dent removal restores its appearance and value. Destin2Shine Also offers full interior and exterior detailing services when it's time to sell your ride as well!

6. Has Self-Healing Capabilities

Paint protection films come with their own self-healing properties. These films consist of several different layers that work together to safeguard the vehicle's paint and repair minor damage. With a scratch-resistant urethane coating on the surface, they can heal the surface-level scratches or dings when exposed to heat. Simply washing the car briefly with warm water or leaving it in the sun can trigger the self-repair process.

7. Shields Against Foregin Chemical Damage

Chemicals such as sand and salt (Those roads do get icy!), used to melt ice and snow on roads, can cause significant damage to your vehicle's paintwork. PPF serves as a protective barrier against these corrosive agents, safeguarding the car's exterior from chipping and rust formation. Moreover, it shields against acidic bird droppings and acid rain, prolonging the car's appearance and durability.

8. Easy Repairability

PPF offers ease of repair, allowing damaged sections to be replaced or repaired without affecting the underlying paint. This cost-effective solution eliminates concerns about the entire paint job if the PPF sustains scratches or chips. Simply replacing or repairing the damaged film section restores the car's protective layer, ensuring continued safeguarding of its paint.

9. Suitable For All Makes and Models

No matter what the make or model of your vehicle, paint protection films will enhance its overall appearance. While older versions only covered more specific areas, modern films are now compatible with all car types. It's crucial to choose the right film that fits perfectly and integrates seamlessly with your car's paint, avoiding the risk of unwanted paint scratches from ill-fitting protection.

10. Reliable Performance

Investing in high-quality clear films ensures long-lasting protection against peeling and discoloration, preserving your vehicle's value. These films can be easily removed for replacement if needed. With a lifespan of up to 10 years (Guaranteed by our shop), they don't damage the underlying paint when applied correctly and pose no threat to your car's finish when removed. Call us today to get started and begin your PPF journey in protecting and increasing your long term investment! You were made Destined To Shine!